“I could tell you many stories about the efficiency the coaching sessions with me or about my programmes. Bottom line, nothing will be more relevant than the reviews from persons who used my services before you."

Laurent Coste

Joanne C.

Unstoppable Mindset, Career change, Self-confidence, Beliefs, Values, Time management,  Motivation, New start

"I have recently completed Laurent’s Unstoppable Mindset programme to support me in making a significant career change, and have been amazed at the transformation in my confidence and belief in myself. Even more surprising is how relaxed and organic the process has felt, given the magnitude of the change I have experienced. Laurent combines integrity, authenticity and gentleness with persistence in challenging some of my old, learned beliefs and attitudes, and supporting me to connect with my values and my ‘why’ to support me in moving forward. I would highly recommend Laurent and this programme to anybody who wishes to embrace their full potential and live life according to their true values."

Anne-Lise K.

Time management, Work-life balance, Action plan, Self-confidence, Accountability, Business development, Motivation

"With his help and support, I have been able to work towards and achieve personal goals with much more positivity and clarity.
I felt comfortable and confident to talk openly in every session and Laurent showed good empathy with my current reality and desired goals.
Laurent's variety of questioning pushed me to think more deeply and opened my mind to consider possibilities that I do not think I would have explored on my own.
He always ensured my level of commitment was high and his enthusiasm and belief in my success increased my own determination.
I feel that Laurent is a committed and thoughtful coach."

Gina M.

Time management, Accountability, Motivation

"Laurent was a very attentive coach, who listened not just to what I said but also what I wasn't saying. He helped me identify a goal and ensured that I took full ownership of it and how I was going to achieve it. 
He maintained the energy throughout every session, helping me to feel motivated and enthusiastic about achieving my goal, and he always made sure that I was committed to carrying out what I said I was going to do. I liked his humour too, such a personable coach!
He helped me progress with personal as well as professional achievements and always provided a safe environment for me to open up and think out loud without the fear of being judged.
Thank you Laurent"

Richard G.

Accountability, Motivation

"Laurent showed a genuine interest in supporting me as I progressed through the sessions. Laurent's coaching style is clear and effective and supported me in improving my confidence, being clear about where I am going and how to get there, and seeing how I get in my own way sometimes. Laurent found a great balance between challenging my less effective behaviours and supporting my progress into the future. Thanks very much, Laurent. It's been a great experience."

Lynne J.

Business development, Motivation, Accountability, Action plan

"The biggest benefit, by far, for me to work with a coach is accountability. Having that accountability partner almost guarantees that I'll follow through on my plan of action. 
Working with Laurent over the past few weeks has been extremely beneficial in that regard. I nearly did NOT follow through on one of the steps, especially given the internet challenges I was facing in my winter office, but thanks to having Laurent as my accountability partner I did follow through after all. 
Thanks so much, Laurent!"

Cassiana P.

Abstract goal, Clarity, Brainstorming

"I came to a session with Laurent having an 'abstract' goal in mind and he helped me to understand that not only the goal is very tangible it is also much easier and fun to achieve than I thought it would be.
We brainstormed and came up with very simple yet powerful actions that I can work with, so I can be where I want to be with ease and authenticity.
Laurent empowered me to turn a particular personal challenge into a strength and use it as a doorway to create the transformation that I want. A beautiful breakthrough."

Jon F.

Self-confidence, Self-love, Inner voice, Motivation

"Since starting the sessions with Laurent I have made great progress. Having the opportunity to speak with him openly about my fears and worries has helped a lot. Moreover, the goals he has helped me to set myself have challenged my boundaries and started to show me that really there isn't so much to be afraid of. I now am communicating with friends and acquaintances in a much more relaxed way. I am not having to force conversation and worrying about the next thing I say, I am simply speaking and being myself. These sessions have helped me greatly."

Miranda W.

Inner voice, Business development, Motivation

"I would unhesitatingly recommend Laurent to anyone searching for positive change in their lives. I have rarely enjoyed looking at my difficult situation so much, nor found that answers are so readily available through sympathetic and skilled guidance."

Vasileia V.

Time management, Focus, Motivation

"I loved Laurent's enthusiasm and motivation skills at the beginning and during the coaching session. He was able to bring stories and examples into the coaching session that made me think about my current situation and re-evaluate my options. I felt that he had a great level of empathy during the coaching session and wanted to ensure that I was making the right decision. He was very engaging and definitely someone I would want to engage as a coach in the future"