The Book

The purpose of The Book is for you to get the tools to control your life, to go from the Observer's status to the Driver's seat of your own life.

Available end of 2020 for £9.99

If you want to enjoy it before anyone else and improve your life, pre-order it for only £4.99 now.

Part 1: The Journey of a Frog

How has been your path since you are born?

What triggers did affect you and made you who you are now?

What can make you decide to change your life?

In this first part, you will discover how a regular guy following his ordinary path made various choices in his life which brought him to the point that he had to choose his own destiny.

Part 2: Simple Rules for a Better Life

The Society can make the Human Being act against its own values.

​How is your mindset the key of your life? How is the efficiency of your life linked to your focus? Why is it vital to simplify? Why is nothing stronger than love?

This second part will make you (re)realise how your life can be easier just by following simple rules. Since I've decided to take full control of my life, these rules were part of the foundation of my daily routine and the positive impact has been just instantaneous. Try. You have everything to gain here.

Part 3: Get your Purpose, find your Passion and become the Driver of your Life

How do you know yourself? What is your priority? What is your passion? Why a passion-oriented business will highlight your life?

Now that you are ready to take the move-on to the new chapter of your life, you will find here the different steps to follow and be on the Driver's seat of your own life.


Enjoy your life as much as I do with mine.

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