Books I do recommend

The Law of Attraction. Learn it. Understand it. Apply it. And you will see your life getting better.

How you can use the British rowing crew's strategies to achieve more success and happiness in your everyday life.

Eighty-four harbors, 26 countries, 35,000 miles sailes around the world. When Caspar and Nichola Craven hatched their plan they didn't even own a sailboat, and Nichola had never sailed out of sight of land. Sound like an impossible feat for a young family with a third child on the way? Well, think again.

7 simple habits to follow which will make your life better for yourself and for your relationship with other

This book will show you how the habits you've gained so far in your career are now delaying your progress.

Amend your relationship with your thoughts and your emotions to free your inner energy and get clarity to live your life at the fullest. 

13 different stories related to businesses where you will definitely not have a pizza break at 4 pm.