Before, I believed what I could see.

Now, I see what I believe.

After many years in the office and corporate world, my eyes opened and I realised my situation. My attitude was dark, unproductive, and even unpleasant to my colleagues and relatives. It was time to change.

By implementing a positive approach to the world and events happening around me, the problems became challenges, the conflicts moved to exchanges of ideas. I was moving forward and, by controlling my emotions, I was able to have clear focus and reflection on my reaction and, linked to this, on my outcome.

Mindset is the key. Mindsets are the keys. The negative one will bring limiting beliefs, bad emotion, damaging attitude or/and corrupted thoughts. As soon as I realised that, the world changed from grey and untasty to colourful and full of life. A new dimension appeared in front of me.

I had to face my own demons, be totally honest and look at myself in the mirror. For me, these were the necessary tasks to achieve to be able to move on and have a fulfilling life.

Then, the Universe helped me. The Law of Attraction supported my journey. In fact, it is still supporting my journey as life continues and I am moving in this way. The path that I have chosen to follow. The life that I want. My OWN life.