Life is succession of events. And I truly believe that their outcome depend on your reaction.


We all had to face challenging situations, heart broken relationships, traumatic or painful events. It is not a contest, I am not here to judge. We all have our own life with our own events that, each of us, had to deal with in our own terms.

On my side, here are some random events which made me who I am today:

 - Car crash: Me as a pedestrian. Car driving at 120 km/h. I spent 3 days in coma, lost one eye's visual acuity, and needed more than a year to cross a road by myself again. Did it stop me moving forward? No! I stood up and did it.

 - Drugs consumption: In time of deeply needing another reality, I used nearly everything that was accessible to me. I spent 5 years there until I realised that the hard ones were massively melting down my brain. Was it really who I wanted to be? No! Certainly not the best time of my life, but I've learnt a lot about how your circle of people can affect you, positively as much as negatively.

 - Parents got divorced: Whatever your age, the odds to get impacted are high. And it was my case. But did it prevent me to love someone else and get married. No! Just bear in mind the causes and work on them in my own relationship.


 - Alone for my graduation: After 8 semesters spent in another country, I was hoping to celebrate this milestone with my family. Unfortunately, they could not make it. Did it stop me from graduating and being proud of it? No! Just a new chapter opening.

 - Lost in the world: Working in a place and a country not resonating with me. Was it really what I wanted in my life? No! So I decided to take control and got a job that I didn't know anything about in a country I was not even fluent in the language. Why not? Cherry on the cake, I met my wife there.


 - Drugs consumption (2): Even if the hard ones were far behind me, I was still a tobacco smoker. Good reason for many breaks at work, was it really making my life better? No! So in less than a year, I gave up smoking with my own willpower and reorganised my daily life.

 - Values, Eyes opened and Getting fired: After 10 years, I discovered the idea of values and realised the gap between my personal ones and the ones of my 9-to-5 employer. My eyes opened and with them the exit door.

Time to cry or time to change? I decided to take it as THE opportunity to invest on myself for the first time. I worked on becoming a better person, loving more, listening more, letting go of my backpack full of toxic stories. I improved my knowledge about the human being, its nature and psychological behaviour. I discovered my passion and purpose in life and learnt how to create and develop a successful business.  

Time to own my life again, and to take back the driver's seat.

Now in regards to my qualifications, I am a transformation and high-end performance business coach and mentor, certified by The Coaching Academy and the New Skills Academy, accredited by the International Coach Federation, ACSTH and CPD member. I also have a BSc in International Hospitality Management from one of the first hospitality & management school in the world. And last but not least, I am a caring friend and loving dad and husband.

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