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Let's be simple. The purpose here is to solve your problem. You are currently facing a challenging situation in your personal or professional life, with yourself or in your relationship, in your career or your development.

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My Mission Statement

 Focus, motivation, planning, keep the momentum, avoid procrastination are vital elements even more now than ever, and I am here to help you with that.

I am the lantern keeper here to highlight your chosen path.


Lynne J.

Business development, Motivation, Accountability, Action plan.

"The biggest benefit [...] for me to work with a coach is "accountability." Thanks to having Laurent as my accountability partner I did follow through after all."

Jon F.

Self-confidence, Self-love, Inner voice, Motivation

"The goals he has helped me to set myself have challenged my boundaries and started to show me that really there isn't so much to be afraid of."

Anne-Lise K.

Time management, Work-life balance, Action plan, Self-confidence, Accountability, Business development, Motivation

"With (Laurent's) help and support, I have been able to work towards and achieve personal goals with much more positivity and clarity."

Miranda W.

Self-love, Inner voice, Business development, Motivation

"I would unhesitatingly recommend Laurent to anyone searching for positive change in their lives. I have rarely enjoyed looking at my difficult situation so much, nor found that answers are so readily available through sympathetic and skilled guidance."